No luck with the draws for Coleman

Shrews had their chances to win while Ben Smith made a tremendous double save to deny Stanley's Luke Joyce and Sean McConville.

Coleman said: "I thought we were fantastic first half. We took the game to Shrewsbury and missed two good opportunities.

"Give Shrewsbury credit as they've come out second half and had a right go at us. We were poor second half and gave the ball away but we still defended well.

"The reason why we're not automatically up is because we've drawn too many away games full stop and that showed itself again, our inability to score when we're on top has plagued itself all season away from home and we don't have that problem at home which is really frustrating.

"I would say a draw was the fair result but in the past we've been miles the better team away from home and not won. If we would have won three or four of the draws we've had away from home we'd be comfortably up."

Source: PA

Source: PA