F.A Trophy Game ends Goaless

Last updated : 17 January 2005 By Accyjt

The score line summed up the game which could be described as a non event with Stanley not having a shot on goal until the 25th minute when Rory Prendergast had a weak effort go wide of the goal.

Although Stanley's first effort was on the 25th minute Herefords came about 1 minute after kick off where by Stanley keeper Paul Crichton went to clear the ball from outside his area with his head but the ball bounced of his head. And if Adam Stansfield was not fouled it Hereford would have took the lead.

With Lee McEvilly being fouled throughout the game and Paul Mullin being marked out of the game Stanley looked to be lacking fire power with even Rory Prendergast not looking at his best, after the transfer rumour had surfaced about his possible move to Bristol Rovers.

Lee McEvilly Recieving treatment AGAIN!!!

The Game livened up slightly in the second half with both teams looking refreshed after the break, but once again Hereford looked to have the upper hand. With Crichton being brought into action twice one from a Jamie Pitman low drive and once from a hopeful looking high free kick from Tony James neither were going to test the 31 year old stopper.

In what was a rather mind-numbing experience for the 945 Stanley faithful that cared to turn up with the second half also deteriorating into deep defending, some sloppy passes and some poor finishing the game looked like it was never going to kick start. Which unfortunately it didn't with only the one other chance of merit which was the Paul cook free kick who was brought on in the 55 minute along side Andy Procter replacing Jagielka and Ged Brannan respectively. Cook's free kick form around the half way line dropped onto Lee McEvilly' head but the red's striker directed the ball over the far post

A rather disappointing display for Stanley but there is still the hope there for the chance to progress when they travel to Hereford on Tuesday night with the chance if they win to face Unibond promotion chasers Hyde United or Whitby Town